Home configurator

With a configurator, buyers can configure their new house in a few minutes. Each option is visualized via front and rear views and floor plans, and the price is neatly itemized in a shopping cart. The configurator increases buyers’ engagement and can win them over. But a configurator also provides developers a wider reach: homes are now attractive to buyers with a small ánd a larger budget, to buyers looking for fewer ánd more square meters. Etcetera.

Increase sales
Using our configurator increases your sales: making it easy for buyers to view the options makes them more likely to add extras and pay a higher price.

Reduce sales costs
Our configurator reduces the back and forth communication between the buyer and the sales teams. Customers aren’t left waiting for call backs or quotations, everything is presented to them in realtime.

Learn what options appeal to buyers
Prospects that are interacting with our configurators leave behind a trail of valuable data. That data can be used to re-engage them at a later stage or to modify the offer.

With a home configurator, buyers can make a house feel like a home.

Structural works ánd finishings
The configurator is suitable for both structural options and finishings. Structural options are visualized via front and rear views and in floor plans. Finishing options are shown via static images, just like in a regular online store.

Houses ánd apartments
The configurator is suitable for both houses – with options such as extensions, dormer windows, skylights and bay windows – and for apartments – with various layout options.

Connect to your systems
Of course we can connect with your CRM, ERP or buyer handling system. This way, all data is always fully up-to-date.

Live in 5 weeks
We have built hundreds of home configurators for developers and builders. All we need from you are the final drawings, option lists and prices. We prepare the 3D models and renders and integrate everything into a working configurator. Fully responsive, in the house style of the project website. Live in 5 weeks.