Our home configurators engage buyers and increase sales

Increase sales

Using our configurator increases your sales. Simply put, making it easy for buyers to view the options makes them more likely to add extras and pay a higher price.

Reduce sales costs

Our configurator reduces the back and forth communication between the buyer and the sales teams. Customers aren’t left waiting for call backs or quotations, everything is presented to them in realtime.

Learn what options appeal to buyers

Prospects that are interacting with our configurators leave behind a trail of valuable data. That data can be used to re-engage them at a later stage or to modify the offer.

Kreate Space in numbers

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  1. Pick a home you like
  2. Try out the various options
  3. Settle on your ideal configuration
  4. Download a complete and personalised quotation


  1. Integrate our configurator on your project website
  2. Increase engagement and conversion
  3. Sync with your own internal systems and increase efficiency


  1. Send us your drawings and option lists
  2. We help you prepare the optimal configurations
  3. We create the 3D models and the renders and integrate everything 
  4. You validate the resulting plans and provide the prices
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About us

Consumers have come to expect high levels of service and personalisation online. Yet when buying a new home, many developers are not providing a compelling storefront. Kreate Space provides this compelling storefront.

We build online home configurators that engage buyers and increase sales.

Our configurators allow buyers to configure their newbuild home and receive a personalised quotation. This allows developers to increase revenues, reduce sales costs, and learn what options appeal to buyers.

We are the leading provider of online home configurators for real estate developers. We started this in 2008 and have since built configurators for 60+ developers. We are based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.